“It’s wonderful to have children who look in your eyes, and understand what you were saying through the eyes... you didn’t have to say a word, just look at them”. 

-Melba F. Binion

“Through My Mother’s Eyes”, from creator Melba T. Johnson, filmmaker Chadwick L. Williams and Brownstone Entertainment, explores the relationship(s) between a mother and her child.

The docu-series examines the unique circumstances and relationships that makes each an every one of us who were are through our relationships. The show asks the questions, “What do you see when you looked into your Mother’s Eyes?”, “If your mother were to look into your eyes, what would she see?”, “What influence did your mother have on your life?”, “Tell me about the last time you looked into your Mother’s Eyes?” and “Tell me about your Mother!”

Through my Mother’s Eye’s gives us the platform to talk about who we are and why we have become who we are. It takes a look at the core values that shapes our individual lives and opens up the conversation of what life can bring through countless possibilities.

The show will connect our audience with what they see in the eyes and stories behind the eyes they see everyday when they look in the mirror. Our audience will realize that through different sets of eyes, you can learn about different angles of history and untold stories that need to be unfolded.

Both young and old, we all face everyday issues of finding the right inspiration to push us through the very life experiences that we rarely discuss and keep locked away deep inside.

Everyone has or will face crises in there lives that will need adequate advice and inspiration. Theses pivotal times are part of everyone’s individual growth.

Through My Mother’s Eyes, we will explore the resources that highlight our unique struggles and offer honest life-altering reminders to keep the faith in our journey.