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Through My Mother’s Eyes is the first book to accurately tell various life stories by the humanistic value of seeing peoples’ eyes. Readers will be able to connect with what they see in the book’s portraits and see the story behind each set of eyes they see in the layout of the book. Through My Mother’s Eyes is Humans of New York meets Beauty Surrounds Us. People will begin to realize that through different sets of eyes you can learn about different angles of history and untold stories that need to be unfolded.


The book focuses simply on the eyes and the stories that grow within them. Based on the popular saying, “the eyes are the key to the soul,” each reader of the book will experience the pure journey of how the eyes speak everyone’s personal truth---if we all just look. Individuals featured in the book will comment on what they see in the eyes of their mother, whether they are biological or non-biological, or child. This book will illustrate in the most beautiful, yet intense, way about how the eye is the gateway to untold stories through individual portraits of different people and the compelling statements about what they see.